Maslasana or yogi squat- step feet mat width apart, turn toes out (wider than heels) start to bend your knees, pushing your hips back, sink hips down to the space between knees.  Push knees open with elbows, lift chest, roll to the pinky toe side of your foot (to avoid arches of feet collapsing)

Anjaneyasana or low lunge- from tabletop position bring right foot up to space between hands, shift hips forward slightly but keep knee in line with ankle and heel rooting down. Bring hands to knee or reach and extend arms over head.  Make sure you draw your tailbone down and lift your pelvis up.

Half splits- from your low lunge start to extend your leg forward/straight.  Keep left hip in line with your knee (or slightly forward, just don’t shift hips back)  keep back as neutral/ straight as possible (in other words do not round your back) your tailbone should be lifted as opposed to tucking under.

*If half splits doesn’t feel like a deep enough hamstring stretch try pyramid pose.

Pyramid pose- from your low lunge, curl your toes under of your back leg to lift to lunge.  Begin to straighten your front leg.  Same as with half splits you want to keep your back neutral.  Use blocks for support, you will feel the pose more deeply this way. Put weight and pressure in your front foot big toe, you want to engage your quadricep, this will not only protect your knee but also give you more length in your hamstring.

Lizard pose- from your low lunge bring your hands back down to the mat, bring hands inside your foot and begin to heel toe your foot wider than your hip (again you may turn your toes out wider than your heel, this gives you more space in your hips) stay here or begin to drop forearms to blocks.  Always start with your outside arm first.

Pigeon pose- from table top position bring your right knee up outside your right wrist if you can.  Start to extend your left leg back (DO NOT sit on your right hip unless you can keep your hips square to the top of your mat) use a block or blanket for support under a floating hip.  Drop down to forearms or blocks.  Keep head supported, find length in your spine here as well. 

*modified pigeon pose (best for knee pain) lying on your back, bend both knees so feet are flat on the mat.  Bring right ankle to left thigh, just above knee cap.  Reach for the back of your right leg (left hand goes in between legs and right hand reaches behind right thigh) as you lift your legs remember to keep a flex in your right knee (bent knee) keep hips square


*Remember to do both sides! Nothing should ever cause you PAIN! You may feel uncomfortable but you should be able to breathe through it.  Pain causes you to struggle with taking a deep breath.