Hi There ~

I’m Jeanne, welcome! I’m so honored that you have made your way here. I am a wife and mom to 3 kiddos, a yoga instructor, and have never really taken the traditional path in life, which has allowed me to work with incredibly diverse people from all over the world. I am on a passion-fueled mission to help everyone fall in love with their body as it is now (not a “when” body) and I specialize in mobility and functionality. Take a look around and reach out if you have any questions or want to work together. I thrive on soul-filling conversations, moving our bodies, being in nature, and embracing our perfectly imperfect selves.


Yoga for all bodies and personalities

A little about me…

I have been teaching yoga for over 8 years and I can honestly say, it has done so much for me personally and professionally. But two unexpected benefits came in the form of helping me with my anxiety, ADD and OCD, and how it connected me further with my daughter, Sage. Like a lot of folks out there, I wanted to become a yoga teacher because I knew I wanted to be involved in health & wellness (and well, you know, lift my bum a bit), but I quickly found that every time I met myself on the mat, my anxiety, ADD, and OCD were deeply impacted in the best way possible. While I used to self-medicate with alcohol to cope with my neuroses, (which ended in disastrous results in my personal life), when I found yoga, it was like breaking to the surface and finding that first gulp of sweet, fresh air. And what a difference 8 years has made.

And the best part – yoga has brought my daughter and I even closer together (and we were pretty “peas in the pod” already!). Sage is a dancer by training but our mutual love of yoga means we not only practice together (in our home, outside, hotel rooms, riversides – you name it, we are there!) but we simultaneously grow more deeply alongside each other. Sage is one of my greatest teachers, and the worst when it comes to stealing my yoga leggings – but it has been through yoga that we forged an incredibly thoughtful and signifcant relationship with each other.

“I have been fortunate to practice yoga with Jeanne for several months now and have learned and grown so much in my practice! Her energy is awesome and contagious and her classes are a great combination of Zen and challenging!! I learn something new every class!!”

- Victoria I.

I absolutely love Jeanne’s classes!!! Jeanne has such a calm way of speaking and explaining things that make it easy for beginners, yet challenging for intermediate/advanced yogis. Her classes are always different, so it never gets boring, and she has a special ability to ensure everyone feels safe and at ease! Thank you for being an amazing teacher!!!

- Kim V.

“My daughter & I would take Jeanne’s class when she taught  at Vibetality. We loved her classes as she is very precise on making sure that you understand how to move your body and breath properly during your yoga flow. She  would take time to show me how I could get the maximum benefits out of my yoga pose, which helped me grow stronger and more focused. I always felt energized and renewed when I would leave her class – my mind free and ready to take on the world.” 

- Autumn C.

“Jeanne went above and beyond to come out to our school and give our soccer team a private yoga lesson before a big game.  She not only stretched and relaxed the players, she helped them find inner strength and motivation to keep their focus.  Best practice of the season by far.”  

- Karen C.

“Jeanne’s gentle voice and calm demeanor will instantly put you at ease but make no mistake, her classes can challenge you if you let them. She is a pro at designing flows specific to your needs and you will leave every class feeling inspired, grounded, and rejuvenated.”

- Steph L.

“I have to be honest, I hated the thought of yoga! Nothing about it appealed to me. I’m a high energy personality who struggles with calming my mind and being centered. During my wellness journey I became very passionate about weight training and classes. That’s much more my speed 🙂 I train at a studio that offered yoga and stretch. Trainers started recommending I add it to my routine. I decided to take their advice and took class with Jeanne. BEST DECISION I COULD HAVE MADE! After a month of yoga and stretch I noticed how much stronger I was and how much better my spin and weight training classes were. My flexibility improved so much and I was less prone to injuries. One thing about Jeanne’s classes is: she offers the perfect combination of stretch, strength, flow, and challenge. I leave class feeling empowered, focused, and determined. I truly believe that has everything to do with the way she teaches. I’m also working on training my mind to settle down and I believe yoga is making that possible. So incredibly grateful to have found this practice and her! ❤️.”

- RaKell R.

What you might not know…


Did you know that in 2019, I had surgery to remove my 10 year old toxic silicone breast implants? I know – not something that is usually talked about. But I’m a loud advocate for women’s health and body love and my implants were making me incredibly sick. My blood pressure was always super low, my cortisol had made a run for it a long time ago (which caused me to really struggle getting up early in the morning), I had terrible acne, inflammation, headaches, and severe physical pain. And did I mention that my hair was falling out by the fistfuls? Because it was.

What I can tell you now, is that the decision to remove the implants came after many sessions with myself on the mat and discussions with my family. It was the right choice for me, and part of my overall wellness that I had ignored for too long. But through yoga, with yoga, I was able to shut out the external noise and determine what was best for my health journey – and this was it. So listen to that goregous body of yours, and know that yoga will help you to tap into the internal conversation that your soul whispers while the rest of the world shouts. Questions? I speak passionately about this with anyone who is interested in learning more, and sending love to everyone who is on their own path!