Did you know doing a few simple yoga poses before bed can help improve your rest?

You can even do all these poses in your bed.

Here is a step by step sequence for you to try

Hold each pose 5-10 breathes if you can without stress and tension

Child’s pose: begin on hands and knees/table top position. Now take knees wide and bring big toes together, sink your hips to your heels and begin to extend your arms forward as you melt your chest to the mat.  If your head doesn’t reach the mat, grab a pillow. Pause here and breathe.

Forward fold: From your child’s pose position begin to walk your hands back towards your knees and press up to seated.  Swing your legs out in front of you, you can always sit on a folded blanket to give your hips a lift. Bring your belly towards your thighs, keeping your spine long, relax your head.  The goal is not to touch your toes but to find length in your spine. Option to rest head and chest on a blanket. Try to hold for 5-10 breathes.

Reclined twist: Come to lying on your back, pull your right knee to your chest.  Shift your hips slightly to the right (this way your spine will stay neutral in your twist) Use your left hand to pull your right knee to the left.  Extend your right arm out T-shaped, turn your gaze to the right or close your eyes.  Hold and breathe. Don’t forget to repeat on the left side.

Legs up the wall: To finish your bedtime yoga practice try legs up the wall.  The best way to get in this pose is to bring your side body/hip to the wall and as you begin to shimmy your legs up the wall you will turn and lie down on your back.  Allow your legs to rest up the wall as long as you can without losing circulation, up to 10 minutes.  Once you are done just flip around and go to sleep.


You do not want to have any screens while doing this sequence.  TV off, no phone in your hand! Just close your eyes, feel the pose and breathe.  I bet you will have a much more restful sleep.