Hey! Do the holidays have you feeling stressed? Here is a breathing technique guaranteed to help you relax.  It’s called alternate nostril breath or Nadi Shodhana


Here is how you do it! Find any comfortable place to sit. With you right hand, fold your index finger and middle finger to your palm.  Only your thumb, pinky and ring finger should be lifted.

Next you want to use your ring finger and pinky finger to close off your left nostril.  Plug your nose just below the bone, don’t press too hard.

Inhale fully with your right nostril.

Now release your left nostril, and plug your right nostril with your thumb. Exhale the breath out the left nostril.  Inhale again on the left, then plug the left and exhale right.  While the left is still plugged inhale right again, plug the right and exhale left.  Continue this pattern until you begin to feel relaxed.